Hoarding Advertising in India still works wonders, thanks to its staggering population and bustling streets and city corners that offer tremendous visibility.

Outdoor advertising agency in Haryana has not yet lost its sheen and shine, it still attracts attention, incites action, and can lead to mass conversion. That is the reason we at Suhani Advertising Agency have decided to take hoarding advertising to the next level, where creativity meets technological advances, to stand neck-to-neck with glamorous digital advertising.

As one of the best hoarding advertising agencies in India, Suhani Advertising Agency believes in the mass reach of outdoor advertising and finds it a great opportunity for businesses to increase the visibility of their brand and masses.

In fact, hoarding adverts can be as impactful as any other form of advertising campaigns provided it’s handled by a outdoor advertising agency in Rohtak giving precedence to creativity in order to make it appealing to the masses. Going by Statista reports, out-of-home (OOH) advertising in 2019 generated 34 billion rupees in revenues across India. By 2024, it’s projected to go past 52 billion rupees. That shows the game for hoarding advertising in India is still on, it’s far from over yet!

Hoardings have become more exciting with the innovation of digital hoardings. It’s being touted as a game-changer in the marketing industry. Digital screens or digital billboards bring vividness of life to advertising campaigns and render even static campaigns pretty much interactive.

Benefits of Hoardings Advertising in India

  • Hoardings have a large format. The large-format leads to greater visibility, and greater visibility leaves an indelible impression on viewers’ minds.
  • Hoarding ads reach masses a lot quicker. And the cost of dispensing the marketing message is low.
  • Hoarding advertising keeps the attention of literally millions of people hooked on to its message.
  • Visual engagement is pretty high in hoarding advertising; 8 in 10 people pay heed to a hoarding advert.
  • Budget wise also, hoarding advertising is less expensive and dissemination and retention of marketing messages are effective and long-lasting.

Shortest to say, hoarding advertising continues to remain an effective and efficient marketing tool businesses could leverage. Billboards connect viewers’ imagination with the intended brand message and create brand awareness in the mind of the viewer almost effortlessly because everything is so spontaneous. 

Looking for an advertising opportunity that can captivate millions without creating a hole in your pocket, go for hoarding advertising. Fret not if you wish to advertise a service or a product but reluctantly shelve plans due to budgeting constraints, hoarding advertising brings a solution, and together with Suhani Advertising Agency as your advertising partner, be ready to add wings to your business.

Hoarding advertising offers flexibility; is spacious enough to accommodate multiple ads; grabs attention instantaneously; is easily manageable and eye-catching. Since hoardings are put in places where people can barely ignore it, it’s one of the effective interruption marketing tools available.

Why choose Suhani Advertising Agency, you might be wondering? If at all the client-first approach, personalized hoarding advertising service, creatively coupled with innovation,  improved ROI, mean anything to you, we are in for a fruitful partnership that will skyrocket your brand visibility.